Safety topic from Episode 8

Aerodromes (EP 8)


  • Class D airspace 3500ft AMSL and below during tower hours. Class C airspace above 4500ft.
  • See ERSA for local traffic regulations, special flight procedures and tower hours.  CTAF outside tower hours, 118.1 
  • See ERSA also for specific procedures for radio failure at Rockhampton.  
  • Major regional airport that services the City of Rockhampton and Central Queensland, with flights to Brisbane, Gladstone, Mackay, Townsville, Cairns and the Gold Coast.
  • Both domestic and international aircraft including B747 to B776 and A340 service the Rockhampton terminal.
  • Aerodrome charges and strict parking rules apply; phone aerodrome operator on 07 4936 8018 or Duty ARO 0409 368314 
  • Avgas available. See ERSA.
  • Carry Rockhampton VTC. ATC may request you to track inbound or outbound via the prominent Fitzroy River. Acquaint yourself with its location prior to arrival.
  • AWIS ph 07 4922 7591
  • Listen out for hang glider and parachute operations at Emu Park, to the east, and at Yeppoon and Double Head on the coast to the north-east.
  • Caution high terrain to east of aerodrome where less than 500ft clearance exists between hills and CTA lower limit. Another such area to the south of the Rocky CTR. (See purple shading on Rocky VTC).
  • Caution military restricted airspace between Mackay and Rockhampton. Check NOTAMs prior to flight.

The Old Station

  • Private ALA on cattle station owned by Creed Grazing.
  • Phone Ron Creed for prior permission and strip conditions: 0408 346 536 or ron [at]
  • Accommodation and meals at strip available.
  • Well maintained grass airstrip “The Old Station” on Rockhampton WAC. 
  • Details in AOPA National Airfield Directory and Pilots Touring Guide.