Safety topic from Episode 6

Aerodromes (EP 6)

Shute Harbour

  • Shute Harbour/Whitsunday is a busy non-controlled aerodrome, CTAF 127.85
  • Note nearby Proserpine has different CTAF, 126.7
  • Check Hamilton Island entry in ERSA for frequencies used.
  • Prior permission required to land at Shute Harbour. Phone ahead for landing permission and aerodrome diagram. For all queries, phone 07 4946 9180
  • Due to its challenging location in a valley, surrounded by hills and ocean, strict operational procedures are in place, including the requirement for visiting pilots to have 100 hours command time. 
  • During your flight planning, carefully study this guideline on procedures: 
  • Located within Hamilton Island Class D airspace. See (and carry) Whitsunday VTC. 
  • Hamilton Island tower operates Class D airspace 4500’ and below during tower hours. See ERSA.
  • High density light aircraft and helicopter traffic.
  • Fly Neighbourly rules apply. 
  • Parachute operations take place overhead the runway. The pilot of the jump aircraft will broadcast intentions on the CTAF. Chutes will land approximately middle of the runway and just to the western side.
  • Avgas available, credit card payment.
  • Parking on grass on west of strip available. Personal tie-down kit required.
  • Accommodation available at nearby Airlie Beach.

Hamilton Island

  • Class D airspace 4500ft AMSL and below during tower hours. Class C airspace above 4500ft. 
  • See ERSA & Whitsunday VTC.
  • CTAF active outside tower hours, 127.85
  • Tower hours may change at short notice. Check status of airspace with ATS or Hamilton Is ATIS.
  • Brisbane Centre 133.2 operates Hamilton Island Class C airspace (CLL 4500ft) H24
  • Prior permission required. Ph 07 4946 8620
  • Landing fees apply.
  • AWIS Ph 07 4946 9043
  • Check ERSA for local traffic regulations.
  • Accommodation available on island. 
  • Check regulations for over water flight. Do you require life jackets or a life raft? See CAR 258, AIP ENR 1.1 62 and floatation equipment CAO 20.11 (5).