Safety topic from Episode 5

Aerodromes (EP 5)


  • Busy international airport, Class C airspace, clearance from ATC required.
  • Carry current Cairns VTC
  • Submit Flight Notification 
  • See CASA’s OnTrack program for images and detailed explanation of inbound and outbound procedures at Cairns, Ground Ops, specific Class C procedures, Heli Ops and weather. 
  • If you have any queries, call ATC on 07 4050 5380 prior to arrival for help.
  • Steep landing and parking fees apply. Call Cairns Airport for details 07 4080 6744 or email coords [at]   
  • High terrain immediately west of the airport attracts low cloud and possible turbulence off the mountains. In some circumstances, the Western VFR Route may not be suitable. Familiarize yourself with the coastal route, more suited to inclement weather.
  • GA Parking available at GA apron, adjacent TWY A3. 
  • When taxiing around the A3 holding point, be very careful as it is close to the GA parking area. When RWY 15 is in use, aircraft are vacating the runway via the A3 TWY. At these times, it can become busy with multiple aircraft and vehicle movements.
  • Arriving from the north, ATC may offer you straight-in approach RWY15 if duty runway. Otherwise, expect to join Western VFR corridor and follow ATC instructions.


  • Busy non-controlled aerodrome, CTAF 126.7
  • FIA Cairns Approach 126.1 Circuit Area
  • Caution - close to CLL 4500ft CAIRNS CTA step
  • Right-hand circuits required RWY 28
  • 24HR Avgas available – see ERSA
  • AWIS ph 07 4092 6298
  • Aircraft departing Mareeba for Cairns that have obtained a Landing Slot Time from ATC will be processed more expeditiously.
  • Viable alternative landing strip to Cairns. 
  • Caution – ultralight, manned balloon and agricultural ops take place in close vicinity. See ERSA
  • Bird and wildlife hazard.
  • Local flying school, Royal Queensland Aero Club, on aerodrome. Ph 07 4092 2043 for guidance or assistance with local procedures.
  • 4.3nm south of Mareeba township