Safety topic from Episode 10

Aerodromes (EP 10)


  • Non-controlled aerodrome, CTAF 126.7. Unicom service may be provided.
  • Avgas available, see ERSA
  • AWIS Ph 07 4654 2861 
  • Friendliest airport cafe in the outback! Free internet access. Phone Alan or Peter for any queries relating to your visit to Charleville aerodrome – they’re also your very helpful refuellers!  Phone 07 4654 3033 
  • Bird and animal hazard.
  • Weather balloon launches. See ERSA
  • LAME H24 Western Qld Air Maintenance Ph 07 4654 3030, AH 07 4654 3186


  • Non-controlled aerodrome, CTAF 126.7
  • Avgas available. See ERSA. Note: Prior notice is required for avgas, so keep in mind that notifying the refueller as early as possible is an airmanship trait, as well as a requirement. 
  • Parking restrictions in place. See ERSA.
  • AWIS Ph 02 6792 4774 or freq 122.525
  • Bird and animal hazard. 
  • Heads up: Out-n-Back crews encountered severe infestation of insects and bugs during flights into and out of Narrabri, causing poor visibility through windscreen and leading edges on wings laden with carnage. 

Lake Keepit

  • Home of Lake Keepit Soaring Club
  • “Keepit Base”, CTAF 122.7
  • Gliding operations 7 days a week, all year. 
  • Caution:  multiple gliders in area, especially during competitions. Visiting pilots should call 02 6769 7514 prior to arrival for details on any club events.  
  • Complex runway layout – all grass
  • Located approx halfway between Tamworth and Gunnedah.
  • Note close proximity to Tamworth Class D & C controlled airspace to east. TW Tower freq 119.4 
  • Note danger area D538B, SFC-FL100, (Williamtown military flying training) south of Gunnedah. Carry ERC L3
  • Serious kangaroo hazard warrants close runway inspection. Request ground assistance to clear, if required.
  • Caution: avoid over-flying open cut mine near Goonbri Mountain, (1467ft peak marked on WAC), just north-east of Boggabri. Active blasting observed.


  • Tamworth Tower operates Class C & D airspace 8500ft and below during tower hours. See ERSA.
  • Carry Tamworth VTC
  • Qantas, Jetgo and Virgin Australia operate regular RPT services.
  • Refer to ERSA for information on avgas, GA parking, ATS frequencies, local traffic regulations and detailed arrival and departure flight procedures.
  • Outside tower hours, CTAF 119.4
  • If you are unsure about any procedures at Tamworth, phone ATC on 02  6764 5271 for assistance.
  • Caution high terrain of the Great Dividing Range borders Tamworth to the east.
  • Note military restricted area R547, SFC-4000ft to south-east of TW, RA2 status. Check NOTAMs.


  • Regional airpark. Visitors welcome.
  • Prior permission required. Phone Rob Loneragan for permission and strip condition: 0411 816300
  • Carry VNC Newcastle for surrounding Williamtown military airspace. Check NOTAMs.
  • Study published aerodrome information here before arrival: 
  • Grass cross strip. 
  • No avgas. Mogas by prior arrangement.
  • Clubhouse and WC.
  • Accommodation in nearby Rylstone township. No taxis. Airport vehicle may be available by prior arrangement.